I have not written for some time and for that I could give a thousand excuses but until things are more settled with regards to dementia Dad, my writing mojo has wained some what but recent events got me thinking so here is my latest offering. And before you ask; Dad is STILL in hospital becuase no home will take him… but that is truly … Continue reading Resilience


I woke in the middle of the night last night and this kept running through my mind, so I thought what the hell. I got up wrote a load of barely legible notes down and here I am basking in the English sun in my garden taking my virtual pen to paper. Now for those who do NOT do social media and follow my blog … Continue reading #FOMO


This time last year we had the same problem. Dad is very very low and we cannot seem to fathom what is wrong. Last year and the year before Dad talked about suicide. Nothing new if you read my blogs but it still does not make it any easier especially as he only discusses such delight with me. On Saturday I called Dad as I … Continue reading Knives


I thought I would bring you up to speed on dad. Dad, alongside having the occasional toilet related accident has started to hallucinate. So much so that during the final trip to Portugal he apparently spied a naked woman.. that was me but he still can’t get his head round that. I would not believe it too had I not have been the woman in … Continue reading #FML