Sorry about my care.

Firstly, apologies for the tardy blog. In my last blog I explained that things had been hard so here goes for an insight into caring. When you think that nothing else can come in its way it really does with a tonne load of shit! So, what can I say life has got in the... Continue Reading →

Broken pieces

I saw a friend the other day who asked if I was ok. Ok because I have not written for a while... I have written but I have held of publishing for now so panic not you will understand when you eventually read it but yes keeping up a blog is hard especially if you're... Continue Reading →

Silver linings for my daughter

Sometimes our kids or small adults say things which surprise us. Side swiping if you know what I mean. On a couple of occasions recently both of these adults have made comments that have made me sit back and think you know what these are good people, which albeit I knew because I am biased,... Continue Reading →

The Time Has Come

I guess I was in a little bit of denial. If the truth be told I guess I was not really prepared for it. In all honesty I think in my heart of hearts I had hoped that this situation would have been averted by his death. Dad is to be moved by the end... Continue Reading →


This time last year we had the same problem. Dad is very very low and we cannot seem to fathom what is wrong. Last year and the year before Dad talked about suicide. Nothing new if you read my blogs but it still does not make it any easier especially as he only discusses such... Continue Reading →


I thought I would bring you up to speed on dad. Dad, alongside having the occasional toilet related accident has started to hallucinate. So much so that during the final trip to Portugal he apparently spied a naked woman.. that was me but he still can't get his head round that. I would not believe... Continue Reading →


Divorce and Bigamy. 2 things dad has done and done well in his life and managed to get away with. Only God knows how he did it but did it he did! If you read my blogs you will know that dad is a lover of the ladies and his current one aged 90 is... Continue Reading →

Sorry. I truly am.

Guilt is a pain the bottom hole! I have not written for a while as the book has taken shape. Literally! On a personal note I have been struggling with life in general so the blogging has taken a literal mahoosive back seat in the proverbial arse hole! So the book...The book was printed as... Continue Reading →

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