All alone now… sort of.


So here we are

Mr H has F’d off and it’s simply the mumatron in charge

Dogs body really. I will be working as well as providing taxi services chef cleaner dog walker etc oh and don’t forget caring for dementia dad too.

Thankfully we have the gin. The tonic. The wine. Infact a 5ltr box of the Portuguese good stuff!

So here we have the incredibly nosey beagle Archie who fancied a sip of the tanqueray whilst I watered the plants …god bless the water meter!

Dinner tonight smacks a little laziness.. we have beef stroganoff using up the left over steak from the BBQ the other day accompanied by potatoes and carrots roasting in the same tin because again it’s only dinner for 2 tonight which for me is a huge struggle as I can’t cook for small numbers!

Thankfully the eldest can eat for 2 so we should be good!

Over and out

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