IMG_2137.JPGJesus what a miserable day! Terrible morning at work. A poo nights sleep with one earring which drives me crazy as I obviously sleep on the wrong side when Mr H is away then nearly died of starvation at work so has to fly home to fridge raid!! And now here I am multitasking whilst walking the hounds pictured here on such a shitty day… where oh where is the sun ffs!

So as I said Mr H is away which means I can’t sit still and frankly whilst I normally can’t anyway I find go into overdrive when he’s away (anyone else suffer from this?!) ..sadly it’s on all fronts but idle time has resulted in 2 beach style bags I really need from a lovely Spanish shop and my Amazon basket is simply brimming waiting for payday….

Dinner will certainly be a ‘one tray bake’ tonight accompanied with some grape juice 🍇 watch this space Instagram!

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