Hey is this worth it?

So yesterday my niece asked me about my blog… queue the dilema about stating the obvious; yes I have one and no I am not great at writing because I am still waiting to see if anyone is particularly bothered about my writing as there are several issues …

I love food and drink; I can cook and I love it. One day I will write a cookery book… but that’s for retirement.

Next I am a carer for my father who has dementia. I could bore you with his crazy shit… its daily!
Then there’s shopping; I can find anything anywhere at any time for anyone or myself… it’s not a good habit and it’s the main reason I work.
Then we have my dogs and kids. I would state that this is not a list in the ‘priority’ sense (if you see what I mean) because alongside Mr H (Ray Ray as I call him) they are clearly the most important things in the world to me.

My home again I love and have a slight OCD on the cleaning front … normally post an online purchase!

Lastly the beach; I love everything about the beach. The water the waves what is does to my hair and then there is the tan… Christ I love a tan!

So yesterday whilst sat on a beach on holiday using the terrible 3G I purchased 2 pairs on sunglasses on line as I discovered that you get free delivery whilst here in Portugal so why wait until we return… queue the domestic penance which  has involved cleaning and washing and prepping for lunch! FFS there is no hope… also lookfantastic emailed so clearly I had to purchase my conditioner on offer… that’s been sent to the UK home! 

So a photo for you beach lovers below
Here’s one I took earlier… scrummy! @gordonsgin 

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