Get my shit together…. 

So here I am after lord knows how many weeks of not writing…. but where do you start?!

New job started✔️

Dementia dad seems happy ✔️

Kids back at school /college✔️

Eldest driving coming together✔️

Husband home for a while (not travelling)✔️

Dogs on good form✔️

Good weekend with the family and seeing good friends ✔️

The list could go on but the other day a good friend (who shall remain nameless) told me I am spinning too many plates and then I told her about this… that is this blog shit… and she said are you mad?! I forgot to mention that we are looking at rehoming another dog!!!

So it’s Monday and I need to get my shit together. Anyone else wonder why Friday is so close to Monday?! Anyone else need a deep cleanse on the house front on a Monday? Anyone else cook on a Sunday  there may be a famine coming even though there are only 6 round the table for dinner?!

So Monday let’s be having you. Let’s get this shit done…. let’s try and see a positive in the weather; it’s not raining ffs! I so miss the sun…’s 14 degrees and I refuse to remove these babies aka the birkenstocks 

Over and out … happy week blog readers out there!!’ 

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