Sorry but I am not sorry

Frankly this weather kills me. Everyone wants to hibernate and eat stodgy stuff. The dogs get muddy and wet. Every time you go out you require several layers not to mention large coats boots etc… oh and an umbrella providing it’s not blowing a gail which means the umbrella is once again redundant. Bring back flip flops….

Then there are wellies. Lovely but they make me sweat (I have 3 different pairs) and they look like shit; all the time… and as much as I love to clean I draw the line at washing wellingtons! I mean seriously who has time for that? Not me..

Then it brings me to Halloween. Sorry but I hate it. I have nothing else to say on it other than wtf. I can openly state that my dementia dad will not enjoy Halloween one bit and it will do nothing other than freak him out… maybe he should sit with the dogs that evening?! 

I sound like a miserable old wizened cowbag but let’s not get started on the fringe issue… anyone with a fringe aka bangs will understand.

So… answers on a postcard. How many more months are left please…..over and out!

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