Confession time and a lesson..

So … close friends call me Imelda… (you can google her if need be) but I can’t help myself when it comes to shoes. I am a lover of all shoes. I have never taken the time to count them because frankly that could be grounds for divorce… Mr H counted ‘some’ of my jackets the other day and he counted 29 in the garage alone. He mentioned too many leather ones… and his point is?! Back to shoes. I have cheap ones through to medium expensive. I could buy some more pricey ones but I am a cross between a gypsy and a magpie and would rather buy 3 pairs of reasonably priced ones than 1 pair of expensive ones… I digress!

So I have shoes that rarely see the light of day through to those babies that come out time and time again …. cue birkenstocks! Anyway I love a shoe that doesn’t require a sock or tight… I have some Sorel leather boots (3 to be precise) but they are all leather lined which means no socks no blisters and warm feet!  A leather inner sells to me.

On holiday earlier this year I bought 4 pairs in 3 days… WOW I hear you say? Let me explain… pair one leopard print inMango €9. You see? Anyway it was sale season… pair 2 in Stradivarius €15… still not bad. Then my finest hour. I have been dying (literally) for a pair of silver brouges with platform heel (they are amazing and very very Prada) and in the same bloody shop there they were in the sale another €15!! Well why would you not and I had stalked them on line for a while… but when faced with these prices… anyway the next day in the supermarket they were selling espadrilles for €4.. need we say more?

Anyway I had to share the lesson of ‘old but new’… a friend told me how this works. You purchase an item. You then store it as you know you probably should not have bought it/them then when you put on said items and comments arrive with words such as ‘is that new’ the answer is well old but new as I bought it/them ages ago but never worn it/them…. you can thank me now for these pearls of wisdom. 

So here is my purchase this month. I have never ever bought shoes from Marks and Spencer’s but I saw these and could not resist. Simply they make me smile when looking at them. And you guessed it; leather inside! 

The link is below incase you fancy a nosey/old but new purchase….👠👟👞👡👢

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