Netflix.. help me out here

So …. I rarely have time to shit in peace if I am honest… most that know me know that I call a spade a spade so step away from my blog if you are not a fan of straight talking… what you see is what you get with me…… anyway am taking dementia dad to Portugal (cue saint Lucilia) albeit 2 days later than planned due to Monarch going bust (thanks a lot!!) … I digress! 

So… I download Netflix and I am not going to lie. I am big believer in eating together as a family.. what this means is that there is very little ‘tv’ time in my world. Kids work dad blah blah blah…Listen I adore sky tv and their series link business as this allows the husband and I and the kids to watch/catch up at around 21.30hrs (most nights) for a tv viewing……so here I am jumping on the Narcos bandwagon. Eldest has been on it for ages. Like I said I don’t have enough hours for tv….so got my bbc iplayer sorted too… frankly the ipad has come out of hibernation (sorry apple but the plus size phones means my iPad has little love) cue sitting on the plane… iPad out. Headphones ready… the ones that came with the 8 plus (yes am an apple loser) same jack thingy… and WTF the headphones don’t work with the iPad?!?! Apple that is a royal screw you…. or I need to get my headphones back from the youngest … who ‘borrowed’ them…. way back when exactly?! 

Anyway dementia dad is currently talking to the passenger next to him explaining that he has dementia … due to a car accident plus he hasn’t been to the toilet since 12:45…. 8 hours ago…it could be a long flight especially as he’s just started talking about his late mother!!What I will say is that I rest safe in the knowledge that he’s strapped into the seat like a fighter pilot and I can take 5 minutes to rest (4 hours sleep last night 😬) and even if he does decide to venture to the loo he put his boxers on back to front and inside out this morning so the ‘hole’ is certainly going to be on the wrong side… if you know what I mean?! And don’t feel pity or sadness. Do what I do and laugh at what life throws at us…  so here it is… #viewfrommyairlineseat

And incase you’re wondering what is in the picture….  that is a gin and tonic obvs!! Some proper corn (love this shit!!) and an iPad full of a variety of things to watch which right now is as much use as a chocolate teapot! Genius!

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