Sharing is caring…

So almost a week has gone by since dementia dad and I returned and well done to his nibs and the not so small people for holding the fort and all that ….. but this has led to many conversations over the last 48 hours after taking the eldest to view a university (how old am I now?!?!!) and the view to leaving the nest and all that… so firstly food… this is in my kitchen…

Need we say more? So I shed a tear last night and he’s only looking not going yet… I may have to get a puppy or breed dogs or invest in more shoes… not sure we are having more babies?! That shop is apparently shut for business. The farmer that ploughs my field has told me that there are no more seeds and all that…. 

So we have discussed how he will eat… some may think food is not important but let me tell you that some of the best times are had when your knees are under a table and you share food with one another… the bible even has a painting the last supper?! It’s all about the bread… don’t search for filth here you won’t find it… then the subject of university accommodation came up… and the youngest mentioned pubes… there it is!!! Here is the dirt! Pubes yes you read correctly … sharing is caring especially when this was discussed over dinner (you see my point about the table) with my mother in law and dementia dad present… I won’t go into too much more information other than to say that in my house sharing is caring from food to pubes….the connection here? Apparently if the eldest can’t clear up his own pubes off their bathroom floor then we must go into halls minus an en-suite as he clearly won’t be able to clean and the communal bathrooms get a cleaner!
So aside that halls have moved on since my day… no en-suites back then… you may be wondering why my eldest could not understand how we know whose pubes are on their bathroom floor… aside from pale tiles dark hair (too much information?!) it is simply down to a lack of manscaping according to the youngest! 

So my lesson today? Remember that sharing is caring on a Monday!! 

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