Inspiration… happy Diwali

Arrived at work and someone wished me a happy Diwali…. wow!!! Frankly it’s been a long time since those east London living days but boy do I love a good curry. And I will never forget the smell of curry when you opened your front door .. frankly I think that is the one food (bar pasta… Mexican, bread, Thai) I could not live without! Sorry but to choose one food is frankly like asking someone if they would loose a leg or an arm ffs! Erm neither?!

So many moons ago I feared making onion bhajis you know you make a curry at home get it right but wonder about all the shit you would normally order in a restaurant… so I tried the recipe in the link and they’re fab! And super easy… Oh and I never ever throw curry away. I never throw any food away! Clearly it can be eaten cold (aka those uni days) but leftovers make a fab byriani several days later… let me know if you want a recipe for that because you may be surprised how easy it is!! 

In short these babies pictured were made by me and took about 5 minutes prep and some careful deep oil cooking .. that’s it! 

So happy yummy food day in my book!

FYI we forgot this was today (as we are twats) and instead are having steak chips and salad… we had Thai yellow curry last night; sort of counts right?! 

Here are some papadums to keep you smiling…. 


Enjoy xxx

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