Vitamin D aka Winter Sun

So I have been a little slack or shit when it comes to this blogging of late… so I may bombard you over the next few days… but let’s start here…. well by here I mean that was the view for the last week… those little pods you see were the beginning of the resort we have stayed at in Antigua… resort.. more small boutique hotel… link to follow incase you’re bored! 30 something rooms with views of the most beautiful turquoise water I have ever seen.. and I have seen a lot of beaches over the years and as a huge sun worshipper I feel that I am at liberty to share my humble opinion…

So sans kids (kids are not allowed feck!!) and it’s no swinging joint from what we could see, we had a week in heaven; literally. No pampas grass … you may need to google that!!!

However without banging out about how wonderful it was what I can say is that when you have not spent time together in 5 years without the not so small ones in tow… (5 yes really) you savour every minute.

We swam drank read sunbathed drank some more slept ate fish everyday drank some more (superbly amazing cocktails) walked explored and drank some more relaxed…and the only thing that they could not make? A good old gin and tonic.. thankfully they didn’t seem to mind me taking up residence (on more than one occasion) behind the bar..but we had a blast and recharged all batteries especially those babies from vitamin D! Cocos link is below

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