Don’t wait…you never know.

So. Confession time.

I am not a saver.. this is with respect of finances. I try honestly I do but I am shit. That is why I work! Do you need it or want it in the words of Martin Lewis? And his point is?

His link is here incase you feel the need to step away now?

I love shoes (a lot). I love bags. I love make up. I really love jewellery. I love going out. I love holidays. I like accessories. I like house stuff. I like it all. And this is really not good but it got me thinking. What if I didn’t spend it? Who would benefit in the end? The tax man? The crazy pug home that I donated to in my latter years because I had lost my marbles? Life will pass me by.. had I have saved what good would it do if I got sick? What good would money do if I didn’t enjoy it. Frankly you don’t get. I have interest if you having savings…so the point is?

I look at money like a McDonald’s. Bear with me here… imagine you had never had a Big Mac or a chicken nugget (FYI I can’t stand those!) and you always wondered what it would be like.. that is my ‘female’ logic! So for gods sake have a McDonald’s; it won’t kill you. You might leave this wonderful place always wondering what it tasted like but never let yourself. Why would you do that? Before the moaners get on board I am not saying you have to try everything in life! Drugs are not included here.. Grange Hill? Just say no!

Anyway… So I think if you want to get your nails done because it makes you feel good go for it! Need a need some nice underwear? Get shopping! Book a facial because you need some ‘me’ time then book it! Feel run down? Book a date to go to the seaside to get some fresh air to remember why we’re here!

Life is short. It’s not a dress rehearsal. It’s the real play and you won’t get the chance again. Value the moments; cherish them. Spend well. Drink well. Eat well. Take in your surroundings and live a little?! Don’t get into too much debt… but then again most of us have a mortgage don’t we? Is that not debt…. food for thought

Pornstar martini with a shot of prose I anyone?

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