Oops! Sorry…

Ok I have been lazy. Writing caring dog walking cooking cleaning and playing taxi and have the lurgy and keeping up with all the Christmas shizzle/drinking/socialising is time consuming plus we are still trying to finish watching Narcos and now the family is engrossed in Peaky Blinders … so I wanted to share some of the quickest easiest food you can make which require no time at all… drum roll tah dah…..

Ok green pesto. Now before the food mafia cut me down I am not Italian nor has anyone ever shown me how to make it but I have read and watched enough to have decided that if you own a hand blender (it’s 2017 who the fook doesn’t have one?!) pesto is piss easy!

A handful of pine nuts gently toasted in a DRY frying pan…and watch out they colour very quickly . I did a poo patrol once in the garden… 3 bags in and the bastards had burnt and I had to start over.

I digress…Let them cool slightly. Grab about a large plants worth of basil leaves a good pinch of salt a really really good glug of olive oil and whizz. Then add some pecorino or Parmesan… whatever you have or can afford but don’t buy the pre grated stuff please… simply add chunks of the cheese whizz again.. do you need more oil if so don’t be afraid and add it! Then add your pine nuts … whizz again…. still too thick more oil. You may be surprised how much you use…stick your finger (stop whizzing for gods’ sake or we are off to A&E) and check for the salt… remember the cheese is salty already.

That’s it. I bet you’re thinking why bother. Ok. Ever made soup? Tell me the difference between soup that is home made and shop brought. Roast potatoes? Home made… but good fat makes the difference right? Well that’s the pesto. You will taste it and love it.

You can add other things to it but it keeps on the fridge for a couple of weeks. This quantity should make a good size meal for 4/5 and it goes further than shop bought as it’s stronger and has more punch! I like it with a little fried pancetta or prawns…the youngest likes it on toast with a fried egg on top…also a nice butter replacement with cheese and ham in a sandwich… I could go on but it will bore you soon!

Good fats… etc and no meat for those veggie buggers out there…pre my additions obviously!

Will get the other recipe on later when I gain feeling in my hands as I am writing whilst dogs walking… told you I was a busy bitch!

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