2 x Dinners done as promised … easy!

So here it is… dog walking again!

A large baking dish lined with lots of tomatoes; small are better but not essential. Cover with olive oil and balsamic vinegar like you would dress a salad. 2/3 fresh bay leaves but dry will do and 2/3 sprigs of fresh rosemary… I had some left over from the g&t’s… some dried thyme and about 3/4 cloves of chopped garlic, lots of salt and pepper turn it all over and then top with sausages. You choose but my house like the small babies except his nibs who like the fat ones… need we say more. High meat content yes please.

So when you’re ready (mine was done yesterday morning and placed in the fridge under cling film) oven around 180 and put it the oven for about 45/50 minutes turning the sausages half way so they brown.

This is great if you’re out and about as we were last night… especially if someone (the eldest) can put it in the oven whilst you’re out..

What to have it with? We had on top of crusty left over bread but it works really really well wish mash… if you have time. Tah dah before we ate…

So the whizzing machine blender thingy? Ok… you will have loads of tomatoes etc so once you have gorged on the warm toast sausage tomato joy remove any stalks and fresh herbs… ANY liquid once cooler gets whizzed. Then strained. A faff yes but wait for it… dinner tonight is? Pasta and Pancetta with roasted tomato sauce..already seasoned with all those herbs etc!! If there doesn’t look like enough add some stock or passata or tinned tomatoes.

2 dinners done from one meal… plus the pesto recipe? You can thank me for 3 easy ones when you’re ready…

Over and out

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