Lessons for the week..

So… I know I know I am crap! Frankly I am busy.. there you go I said it.

But there is not a day that goes by without learning something new..

So… I will share with you my life gains of this week. Who knows they may help you too?

Fever tree large tonic; only makes 3 gins?! Ffs

My vacu vin wine stopper actually preserves prosecco?! Wtf? Amazing… from amazon prime.. what did we do before amazon?!Prosecco lasted 2 days…

Always wear different trousers to dog walk. That friendly leg hug doesn’t matter when you have shit clothes on… I was a lazy bitch yesterday and didn’t change. Got leg love from my fur baby resulting in a need to change again when getting home; moral being don’t be lazy!!

Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can do today; my mantra and always has and will be!

Enjoy life; it’s what you make it. My eldest turns 18 this week… where has that gone?!?! tissues ready!

Make the best of what you have and don’t compare yourself to others. It will only make you miserable.

Don’t document everything you do. You are not as interesting as you think.

Rear view mirrors show up different things. They are clearly not the same as household mirrors! They show up random hair growths and the odd arctic highlight you were unaware of having…

Don’t deny yourself of bread. It will of make you sad. It’s been around for thousands of years; the Egyptians ate it all those years ago. Why be a carb hater?

Never do a poo in the dark. However considerate you think you are being unless you are lucky enough to have a ghost poo (I wish!) frankly either visit another loo in the house or hold it? Dark wiping is not a successful thing…

Following poo gate; don’t try and mask the smell with either poo pourri. It simply goes all over the seat and makes for a slippery and wet unpleasant event.

Post poo gate; don’t spray air freshener in the dark. My nozzle was not pointed where I thought it was and I sprayed it in my eye cue turning the lights on after trying to be considerate and then failed.

Remember if you wake ANYONE during the night you will be blamed for any moody meriods (man period mood swings) the next day.

Over and out … off to hug these babies

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