Nesting so I can apologise

Ok. Ever since my lady brain time began I have a minor melt down in a cleaning/domestic sense post Xmas leading up until around easter.

I will explain.

As a teenager I got a huge sense of satisfaction from clearing my mothers’ kitchen cupboards. I would rearrange clean etc… not in quite the sleeping with the enemy sense but I felt clear.

I have no depression no OCD I just things tidy! I don’t need a label I am nesting…

My kids are both born in January and February; do the maths people!

The husband takes refuge in front of the tv during these phases. Especially as the baby making service is not quite as necessary as before… combine the body clock with some Mediterranean nesting and you have a hormone power house. I literally seem to radiate cook clean baby machine according to his nibs!


I de-clutter literally everything. I recycle. I eBay. I (we) visit the tip. And then I cook. I cook like my life depends on it. Bread. Chutneys. No meal is complete without sides…like a restaurant. An example is a curry. Yes home made but what else comes with it apart from rice…. a large Indian side salad and some bhajis! And yes I make it all! Sometimes I think what the fuck am I doing… then I sit and eat and feel clear and happy! You see? Nesting Mediterranean!

So fast forward we then are onto house stuff. Every year I see adverts for paint, DIY shit and cleaning stuff around this time so I know I am not alone.. but once again I nest. This year it’s the kids’ rooms and the garden to finish. But don’t worry through my saving and decluttering I have booked the wardrobes to be built. The blinds to be replaced and now it’s just a simple case of booking the painter… I could but I work too!

Today? Oh I have rearranged some shit in the kitchen, placed the dried fruit I made last night into jars for my gin and tonics…. and now I am writing with frozen fingers whilst walking the boys in between poo bagging!

Anyway thanks for taking part in my non church down to 3 fingers and I am sure you are tuning out by now… see you soon xxx

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