Someone help me! Firstly I am crap at going to bed. Then I have this inbuilt paranoia that I will sleep through the alarm. I blame Alexa for occasionally loosing touch with the WiFi a few weeks ago and ever since!? Yup am awake before it’s really needed.

So here is a little image of something I really love.

I first tried coffee when I was 16. What?!? It was a long time ago and kids abroad didn’t drink tea. I was at a wedding. Dads’ wedding number 3 to be precise. (Yawn) Thought I would sip some wine… or three because let’s face it there was no supervision from my paternal side. An example of this… What can I send you in England oh lovely daughter? I am sure some kids got letters or some pocket money. My dad used to send me cigarettes from the age of 16… I digress! Again and I apologise.

So it hit me. The wine that is. Wow! I was all over the place. My sister pulled me to one side and told me I needed to sober up with some coffee. Coffee?! Yuk no thanks. Now let me explain. Coffee in Portugal is a bica. Well in the south anyway. It’s basically espresso. The country would not function without it. It made my eyes burn and I can’t say I liked it. So she added some sugar… just a little to the coffee purists out there! And it went down ok…. and another and another and 3 had the desired affect at that time.

Yes I was 16. Yes I was probably high on caffeine but it pulled me together (no more wine fyi after that!) and it was ok. It was ok. And I was sobering up.

So the next day after a meal when the Portuguese ALWAYS order coffee I thought what the hell. Am in!

And so the love was born. It doesn’t affect my sleep anymore because I can drink it and go to bed. I think if the Nespresso machine broke down I may order one with next day delivery for fear of feeling ill. But there is a downside. It’s the only coffee I can drink. Espresso that is. Recently on holiday there was no espresso and I cannot tell you the blinding headaches I had. Everyday.

Should I stop drinking coffee as this is the hold she has? No. But if you love to have coffee with milk then try the espresso. Believe me there are plenty of bad ones but a good one? It’s amazing. It’s the diet lovers choice for those on the calorie watch… without sugar of course.

And as for Nespresso? There are other machines but these boys have it sorted. My last machine lasted 9 years….and you can get coffee the next day to your door… link here just incase. Thank me later


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