Cheerios and dementia …who knew

My revelations this week come in varying shapes. With dementia.

So all my life my dad (and Portuguese grandmother) hated chocolate and anything sweet… but cue dementia? Cheerios…. when I bought them they were on special offer; I won’t lie.

Over the last few years I have noticed that his recommendation from the medical profession of “more muesli for those kidney stones” has started to loose favour. Crunchy nut cornflakes have been popular so I though why not Cheerios? His face when seeing them in the bowl? Hilarious. He actually said ‘ooohhhh how exciting!!’ Clearly in Portuguese but the joy was evident…. next week he’s getting frosted shreddies!

I would just like to point out that this was written in stages today…. he just asked me why the door was missing from his bedroom so that he can get changed… how can you not see a door I ask?! Dementia that’s how… I digress.

So.. yesterday I was sorting my post and he called me over. Look at his style he said. Jeff Brazier was on the front of some crappy piece of post (sorry Jeff!). I want his hair style… this is Jeff

Now I brushed this off but upon coming to his flat today to get him up and dressed there is half an envelope with Jeff on it! Apparently it will be taken to a hairdresser to show what he wants… my dad has curly dark hair and dementia… chances of pulling this off are slim.

Anyway I was just called again… he was attempting to put trousers on top of a pair he already had on… so his mood today was not great; reason? He has a new lady friend. Dementia he may have but as a man who has been married 4 times and had more affairs than hot dinners it’s a hard itch to not scratch… but the new one is older (a first!) but last night they came to blows… what over I asked?

Sit down to carry on reading. She wants his body and he told her he’s not a machine! He needs warming up and to be in the mood…. god bless dementia and all this in 20 minutes this morning!!

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