Sharing on a Wednesday

If sharing is caring let it flow mofos!

I have spent all day freezing my arse off! Why is it so fucking cold?! Especially at work?!

A dog with an upset tummy aka the shits for 3 days is such fun says no one EVER! Currently sat in the vets waiting to haemorrhage some cash….. no animals are being harmed as he is in the car due to the potential ‘it may be contagious’ situation. Hubby is there … I am waiting for the drugs. For the dog.

I have had a cold since about November last year; WTF?!

I walk past a house everyday which has a huge tank with some kind of reptile in it… not 1 but 2 bloody tanks and one upstairs and one downstairs. How do I know?! The twats leave their lights on curtains open all day. I will tell you now that when it’s the end of the world I am going nowhere near that house! It freaks me out big time.

I miss smoking. Oops

I love coffee and need a Nespresso machine at work…

I need a gin & tonic right now; anyone delivering to SP10?

I literally cannot wait for holidays this year.

Is it only Wednesday?!?!! Off to take sick not home to see my fur babies …

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