A good deed a day…go on.

Clearly everyone knows I will be made a saint for services to my father alone… cough cough.

A suggestion for those of you out there. Drink in Nero?! Got one of these?

So it’s cold this week. Bloody freezing. So I have just handed 2 of these out to a homeless man.

I was taking money out at the hole in the wall and he was sat there so I asked if he wanted a hot drink. He said yes. He came in with me as he could not believe that it was free. I told him choose what you want and get a large!

He said don’t I have to pay anything? Er nope. So he asked what I would suggest. I told him a nice hot chocolate and go large. The staff didn’t ask if he wanted marshmallows and cream… so I asked for him!

So. I repeat. It’s cold this week. Save those stamps and give them to someone who actually gives a toss and really really would love a hot drink that costs just under £4… for free!!

Happy Sunday peeps

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