Growing up …

It has occurred to me that sometimes I produce a meal that literally makes me want to open a restaurant. If my own brother had his way I would have sold up and done this a long time ago; hospitality runs in the blood.

Just excuse me whilst I make love to myself over my lasagna… anyway recently a few things have made me reevaluate my shit!

I threw an old lamp in the bin. WOO there is the bin?! Yes because the charity shop police can’t take electrical items unless PAT tested or teddies since you ask; that’s another mind boggling issue I could share with you!

Has the world gone health and safety mad? Anyway … so lamp is ready for the bin and what does mad bitch do? Remove the fuse?! Genuinely I had to look at myself twice post the extraction but really Lucilia what the jeff?!

Then the Oscars came up and I see this. This woman blows my mind. She is one of the reasons I got into aerobics!

This woman is 80. Yes yes she has a team on hand but take a look at this octogenarian!!!! If I look like this at 80 please ensure I am still riding on a Vespa, having regular sex and generally just making the most out of life somewhere warm … please? Oh and surrounded by pugs aka my baby replacements!

Anyway normal service has been resumed by looking up more tattoos and getting another piercing.

Sorry I have not blogged for a while… snowgate happened!

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