I blog on the go.

I blog on the move.

I try to blog when walking the dogs; unless my fingers are numb or it’s raining.

I am Uber busy.

But I persist; stay with me.

Yesterday consisted of school/ college runs. 1 lengthy post office trip, 2 dog walks 2 gym classes 1 shift at work 2 lots of dad care, dinner for 4 and a supermarket delivery squeezed in…. then I just reread the blog I wrote yesterday when I took a few moments on the loo… (it was a wee!!) and I saw 2 typos. Oh and the hubster is away…ffs!

Moral?! Fuck I don’t have one. But I am educated and I can only blame it rushing.

As the old school report would say in maths must try harder.

I will and apologies again.

I promise. I am only human.

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