Dementia written on international women’s day..

Sat here watching my dad picking his nose, albeit not a dementia habit, but he would not have liked me watching this but I thought I would share today’s highlights on a day where I can hold my head high and say that if I were a son I would not do what I do for my dad. We are made differently. From the minute we are born and through caring this really shows. Whilst there are some male carers, they are in a minority. Yes there are those who chose to be a nurse etc but again a minority; don’t hate me it’s my opinion and observation.

I also appreciate that for a lot of men they have no choice but to work full time but in my position I have no option but to work part time because when I bought dementia dad back 5 years ago little did we know the the downward depression was just the start…

So here is breakfast

See that spoon?

This is laid out everyday. Has been for almost a year when things got worse and I realised that everyday a morning visit was required.

I could hear a yapping sound. I look over and he’s eating the oykos (other brands available but dad loves them) with his fingers. I will point out that this is after he’s managed to dress himself? There is no justice in this illness. And the spook was then used for the cereal…. again where is the logic.

Then we get to the shaving. He can still do and wants to and I am adamant that whilst I lay his clothes out that he continues to dresses himself.

Maintain independence has been my mantra all along with this one. So today the face resembled a dot to dot or a patch work quilt of missed sections! Pick your fights and that fight finished a long time ago.

Fast forward to dinner. Would you believe that the knife is as good as a fork now? Again pick your fights… which bring me to my last delight yesterday.

So earlier this week he and the lady friend split again due to his body once again not being a sex machine! I am sure it is the other way round but I will run with it…. so he carries his keys and bank card on a bright red lanyard. Good for when you’re partially sighted. When he arrived the red lanyard had been replaced with a silver ladies chain complete with a large heart pendant; a new gift from his sex pest of an older GF…. again no fight worth picking!

So happy women’s day to all those ladies out there. Remember everyday is women’s day and you don’t need a day to celebrate being you; just keep doing what you’re doing.

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