So… Yesterday the big man (not dementia dad) came home after being away for almost 2 weeks.. those were a long 2 weeks! Managing work, dogs, kids, taxi trips for all, meals, shopping, gym… you get the picture!

His nibs had requested his ‘coming home’ dinner… giant chicken a la milanese with large salad and well I suggested spuds but the kids opted for squid ink spaghetti. Simple and yummy everyone is happy… but we watched dementia dad really struggle last night with his cutlery. Cutting a chicken breast was proving to be such a struggle that eventually my youngest asked if she could cut his food up. Question is how much longer will this struggle go on for? Now I will state at this point that the wine can always be found on the table and we can never ever struggle with that stuff!

Anyway today is another day and like every week Monday – Friday I go in to dad first thing in the morning. Panic over the weekends we now have help and I get a rest…

So far this week it’s been eventful.

He and his lady friend once again had a fall out due his lack of wanting to get amorous. This lasted 24 hours. All back on now.

He completely lost All his TV channels; that was 15 minutes of reprogramming time never to be got back. I have begged him to stop tinkering with the remote; I have even hidden it. He always finds it!

He attempted to wear a pair of trousers way too small by asking if I could ‘add’ material.

But today was by far the most amusing.

He as a wet room. The pump sucks the water down a very large plastic drain. It keeps getting stuck. I have poured bleach and boiling water down there on countless occasions.

But today I investigated. He has been manscaping! ALL over. Arms et al!

So you can’t chop your food but you can, albeit badly, shave most of your torso nether region and arms!

Happy Friday all… Wine tonight! TGIF


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