Those lucid moments

A quick one… well a 2 for one or a BOGOF?

Firstly gnocchi… apparently people don’t know you can fry the stuff?! A little butter a a little drizzle of olive oil and fry on a medium to high heat…. I know I know you can thank me later… the quickest accompaniment known to man!

Anyway back on track to some dementia shizzle. Yesterday we had moments of lucidity where he not only apologised but thanked me for everything I do for him. I had to hold it in and have made a conscious effort to try and remember those moments when frankly he’s driving me round the fucking bend today in the supermarket. Not only was he trying to run into other customers’ whilst I attempted to shop for him but he then got cross with me when he could not understand why he could not put his seat belt on correctly…. and breathe by consoling myself that I am not married to someone with such a terrible condition and I can close my door at night knowing I can take a moment of calm.

Until next time

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