Flex appeal…

There has been quite a lot about about the ‘flex appeal’ in the press. There has even been a book written about it but I wanted to talk about what it really really means. What it means to someone like little old me…

Think of me as a case study.

Yes I have older kids so from the perspective of an employer or as an employee mine are now of an age that if they’re ill they will be ok at home but then comes another level. The elders. The parental. The ‘how did I ever end up doing this’ caring position that I find myself in every single day.

I had a huge career change last year. I won’t bore the pants off you blah blah blah but suffice to say that the care of my father played a part in the decision. Sad but true.

However I feel lucky and blessed. Lucky to have a husband who was happy to support my decision (ours) albeit 100% but even more lucky to find that my new employer has been beyond understanding. Truly fantastic… and I can say this as he doesn’t read my blogs… probably due to the language I use!

Having been both an employer and now an employee I can honestly say that the need to be flexible should run through the veins of every business. More now than ever because we are living longer and yes we could pay someone to care but what if we want to do our bit? What if, however exhausting caring is, we want to try. To try to make things run smoothly? I will say that when my dad put his pants on this morning not only back to front but inside out and then decided to sit down and tell me a story about a long lost relative with his balls hanging out I did have to let out a little giggle in that one day that could be me… and what do I hope for?

So what is my point?

Life is so good at throwing you curve balls (and balls hanging out of pants) and sometimes just sometimes the need to be flexible is so important it hits you that there are some really understanding and lovely people in the world.

I can only hope that someday should my children need to do what I do everyday then they will prove to me that they have been raised to be kind, tolerant and understanding of others. That it’s ok to be embarrassed about dad and his crazy shit and that we watch out for each other. Balls out or otherwise..

Ultimately we are swans…. that is what the busy people are. Serene but underneath paddling like shit to keep it all together….

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