Thank you.

I want to thank everyone that reads my blog. I am astounded once again at how many people stretching across countries that I have never been to are reading my shit and shizzle.

I worry sometimes it’s sad or depressing. I worry that I should write more slowly as I sometimes spot errors. I worry that swearing may offend. I worry… but I never worry about what people think of me and I think that’s what gets me through the care side of things. It’s me that worries me if that makes sense?

I said it before; my filter is not great at the best of times.

Why thank you? I drove past the old brothel the other day (yes brothel) where dementia dad used to go back in the day. It’s still there. It’s still open and still looks like a residential property albeit with a large amount of grubby clothing hanging up outside. This is something I know that any daughter should not really know about but my dad was never a ‘normal’ dad. Which dad takes their perspective son in law (Mr H) for a drive round and shows him where the ‘good brothel’ is?! No one really but my dad did…. but it made me think. It made me think of all the crazy shit my dad did and all the crazy stories I could share but some I choose not to… like the day I found 2 prostitues in his bed which my Portuguese grandmother then chased out of the house for me;you see my point?! But I thanked my grandmother as I thank you especially those people who have got in touch to tell me my blogs are helping them…. it’s quite touching really. Not in a pervy way I might add!

So to the 500+ people whom have read my blogging in the last 24 hours. Thank you and thanks to the people who now follow my blog.

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