Books …yup books!

It’s a quick one but a blog about some books I have recently read. You may not be interested but you live in the free world where you can choose to read or not. No dementia, no mention of me burning my face the other day (yup my face what a twat as it involved a large chicken breast and some super hot oil!) just easy peasy book share..! Oh and not much profanity either for you clean ones!

Lets’ be straight. I don’t have time to fart leave let alone read but due to trips away I have blasted some books recently. By blasted I mean I read at speed. Like most things I do (stop it!)I don’t hang about and frankly I don’t have time for book clubs nor exchanges. I am too busy and I could do with more hours in the day so if anyone know of one of those clubs with more hours simply send your answers in on a postcard please.

So I was Uber anti the kindle until I got one. I love the pages and spine not to mention the smell of a book especially the edges when they have been out in the sun but I like to take so many books away that this gift was a good one! Top marks Mr H!

So books recently downloaded (sorry to those original book lovers) are as follows.

And remember these are my opinions and it would not do for us all to like the same thing or the world would be super duper boring as shit! I have read some cookery based shit but I won’t bore you with those. These are simple reading material. Nothing academic just for enjoyment and to stop me pacing the beach/boat/pool/plane due to my inability to sit still and be quiet for long periods of time.

Why mummy drinks; hilarious and recommended by a friend. Not great if you have not had kids because most won’t mean shit but it’s a good one you can pick up, leave and go back to.

The keeper of lost things; sad a little slow but nice. Just nice.

Elanor Oliphant is completely fine; great and everyone I know who has read it says the same. Very heartwarming, makes you want to finish it because it keeps you intrigued and you feel connected to the main character

The child; moving and worth reading. It was a Richard and Judy recommended number.

This is going to hurt; utterly brilliant diary kept by someone who chose to be a doctor and then decided it wasn’t for him. I love a real book and it didn’t disappoint.

Clean; good but aimed at a younger crowd. A lot of social media shizzle which makes young question its’ use she says sat using an app on her phone to blog?! Oops

The tattooist of Auschwitz; currently going through…so sad so real and so good.

How do you like me now; loved and very current. Not sure the older crew would enjoy but it’s easy reading. Makes you think about what if…

Everything I know about love; Blasted in 24 hours due to being so good! I didn’t have high hopes due to the title and it’s exceeded expectations. Can’t recommend enough and again easy to pick up and put down again. Not that I did that!

So there we have it a slightly different blog from moi… normal service will be resumed but remember as the bio says ‘sharing the shit and shizzle’


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