Woohoo it’s Wednesday?

Dad has just asked me how you get dressed.

Let’s rewind a little.

He showered today (thank Christ) but once again he was in there for ever so I had to call out only to once again receive no reply which meant that I had to enter the steam filled pit to encounter a naked dad looking bewildered. I asked if he couldn’t switch the shower off. No was the answer. So I handed him a towel then proceeded to get one very soaked arm whilst turning it off.

You’re now up to speed.

So he is in his room procrastinating which I have now decided is a gene that has been passed to me along with my emotional Tourette’s. I ask what the problem is. Again no answer so no option but to enter where I find him fully naked with his trousers covering his modesty which helps as it’s not the ideal situation to find yourself in with your dad and his willy winky!

I ask him where his pants are as I put them on the bed. The pants have since disappeared. He’s instructed to stand whilst I find the pants which it appears have been placed under the pillow?! So… I instruct once again.

Pants first and trousers second. There are no other clothes on the bed albeit the entire room has clothes hanging from every available wall space. He then asks me ‘how do I get dressed?’

How sad is this situation. He is currently sat (dressed thanks to little old me!) and eating breakfast simply asking me what I lost yesterday? Frankly not my patience which is good for dad…. so I lost nothing. I love life and I am very grateful to be alive, of good health and happy that I love life. I wish the same could be said for dad.

So my thoughts for today are to live your life. Use your body as an instrument and not as something to simply look at. Use your mind because you will miss it when it’s gone .. spend an hour with dad and you will understand! Read the news because social media is not what is going in the real world. Enjoy eating and be thankful that you have enough food to feed your family. Spend time with the people who make you happy but also be happy to be alone; walking is a good one for this. Lastly hug your kids when you can (or dogs) and take in their wonderful smells because those also change with time… Dad is a great example of a man that once smelt amazing and now smells… stale?!

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