It’s been a while…


Truly I am.

I am truly sorry to myself (fuck you catholic guilt!) for making a commitment to write a blog on a weekly basis and almost making it…

So what can I tell you happy readers? Firstly sorry and all that jazz about the lack of writing of late however one has been away and prior to being away, where you have all that normal shit and shizzle like packing etc I have dementia dad to ready before I go.

Ready? Ready means that all his carers’ in place. All his meals ordered and deliveries checked. All his tablets are collected and the dispenser filled. All his food is bought and put away ready for 2 weeks of my being gone. Not to mention him being on tender hooks prior to my departing.

Now we have left dad before. Same situation but this time was horrendously different. When I collected him last night I didn’t recognise him. Those 2 weeks have aged him tremendously to say the least.

When I pulled up at his block I saw an old man peering (another of his current specialities) out of the window only to discover that it was him.

He was almost in tears and I found it very very hard.

Whilst away I had 12 voice mails; almost 1 for every day away.. lucky me. Each voice mail was more panic stricken than the last.. ‘where are you what are you doing’.. you get the idea and I don’t get them until I arrived back.

Albeit we called every 3rd day it was frankly pointless as he has no recollection of the calls let alone where I was or when I was coming back. He reminded me yesterday of those sad kids from boarding school who really really missed home…

Yet this blog is about January.

I want to be very very honest.

Anyone else already bored of RED updates (run every day) on social media? Ohhhh yes you got a fit thingy … fab. Let’s hope you’re still in the game come February!

Then there is new year new you; be a better you. Meat free Monday. Veganary. Dry January… oh and fanuary. That’s worth a google…

So January … here’s how it’s going to be.

I plan to drink gin and eat meat a plenty.

I quite liked myself in December so she can stay!

I won’t be running because frankly I don’t have enough hours in my day and my dogs need walking more than I need to run!

And as for all those people who keep folding shit (and I though I had OCD) you can keep going….

Normal blogging resumes


and so

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