I was not going to write this week as the book has taken up more time than I realised but after today I thought I must.

Today I heard the news that The Prodigys’ lead man Keith Flint died today.

The Prodigy literally shaped my taste in music. I spent my 18th birthday dancing to them at the Ministry of Sound and the day after in a field somewhere near Ashford before going off to A&E as my contact lenses were stuck; great bonfire night that was but the memories are and always will be amazing.

I learnt to drive to music for the jilted generation. Released in 1994 it made me hungry for those sounds and that may account for some of my speeding at the time but when ever I get asked to choose my all time party starter (there are about 3) one is always smack my bitch up. It makes me burn inside. I could mount a speaker to get the base out of that one. I love it.

So I thank them for the many wonderful memories. Both here and in Portugal my friends were all obsessed with them as was I.

I didn’t really have a genre of music before I discovered them and through them I found that raving, clubbing and dancing gave me a different out look on life. I felt alive.

When I was at University their music got me into mixing and albeit I wasn’t great at it I spent a great deal of time around friends’ Technics getting to grips with my love of music, something which I sadly didnt pursue.

Last year I had the priveledge and joy of seeing them live courtesy of a friend. It was a life long dream and they did not dissapoint. They made me feel alive. They still do! There alongside may people of my age we came together to witness a spectacle. Their spectacle of a show.

If I could go back now to last summer I would have cherished the opportunity to tell them what they did for me. We were invited to meet them but due to kids we had to get back and I so wish we hadn’t.

So thank you Keith for all that you have done for the industry. You made me realise that it was ok to be different.

Thank you Kellie for taking me to see them and thank you to The Prodigy.

My memories of you and your music will be with me for ever. Some day I hope to share your music with my grandchildren… which may be an eye opener.

In my mind you sit alongside Stevie Wonder and Aretha Franklin for my all time greats.

RIP Keith. You will be missed.

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