Divorce and Bigamy. 2 things dad has done and done well in his life and managed to get away with. Only God knows how he did it but did it he did!

If you read my blogs you will know that dad is a lover of the ladies and his current one aged 90 is no different in his eyes. Soon she will be going for a much needed hip replacement and time is ticking along with dad’s over reliance on her. So once again I explain to dad that his dear 90 year old lady friend is going into hospital for said operation  (if you read my blogs you will know that I once found condoms so I guessing the hanky panky is out of the question at the moment) so I am trying to remind him on a regular basis that she won’t be around for a while. I explained that she will have to move in with her son for a few weeks as she will need someone to look after her. He informed me that this would not be a problem as they will be together. He continued to inform me that he going to marry her! I was dumbfounded if I am totally honest and I pointed out that he is in fact still married by law as he still waiting for his divorce to come through, which can be an issue when I myself signed his divorce papers (I have a POA!!) and she has since buggered off back to Brasil whereabouts until recently unknown. Panic not I tracked the nutter down through social media and whatnot!

So dad… how are you going to marry said lady when you are still legally married. The conversation that followed was truly remarkable.

Dad married wife number 4 in 2010, a mere 9 years ago this August to be precise. Looking back at the wedding photos the dementia was already in the making… the eyes were starting to look vacant but we simply blamed it on his ridiculous face lift which he done in secret the previous year, as you do!

So dad… how can you marry again I asked. I told him that he was still married to the 4th one who I named of whom he had no recollection of. He also had no recollection of the wedding at all, let alone ever meeting wife number 4. His mind on this matter is simply blank so much so that the last 10 years have clearly been a blip of nothing!

So once again dad… how can you marry her? I asked if anyone else knew about the impending big (NOT) day.. he said only me and my friend. Ok… but once again you can’t get married as it is bigamy and I sure that even without googling it that it is in fact illegal and you may have got away with it once but I doubt you will manage this again…not to mention that he is not of sound mind so I am unsure how that would stack up legally either?! Just asking for a friend you see.

Another point which we later thought about was that he also talks utter gibberish in Portuguese to said lady, whom I hasten to add speaks no Portugese whatsoever, so I can only assume that he may have proposed in Portuguese, which means I hoping that the proposal is in fact all in his head!?

Remember you can’t make this shit up!



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