Sorry. I truly am.

Guilt is a pain the bottom hole!

I have not written for a while as the book has taken shape. Literally!

On a personal note I have been struggling with life in general so the blogging has taken a literal mahoosive back seat in the proverbial arse hole!

So the book…The book was printed as few weeks ago for the first time so that my lovely mother could glance her secretarial finest only the find that printer wanted to be a total dick and print half of the 100+ pages…. at least she can do half right? What I need is an industrial printer ffs…..on the plus side I have given the book to a few select friends and now I sit back and await the feedback before I start sending it off!

Moving on.

I have been told that several people who are caring in the same position as me are missing the blogs because they help them. So this one is for you. Because you’re doing your best and that truly is all you can do.

What can I tell you about my current dementia situation.

Dad has been a twat which is fairly standard of late. He has asked me for some heroin tablets (?!) to assist with his early departure. Clearly I declined for more reasons that one.

I have also had a battle with social services since he’s moved where they billed him just under £500 which I argued about and thank god I did as they got it wrong… turns out they owe him money. How many people out there are in this very same position and don’t have anyone to fight their corner. Makes me angry to say the least.

In other news I decided to go ahead with taking dad to Portugal for the very last time. It was booked several months ago…. I deliberated and I questioned myself and my sanity on more times than I care to think about but when I put myself in his shoes… so we went for all the good it did.  The next time it’s ashes!

I have also set up a dementia friendly barbers at dads’ new place which will start in May and run once a month. They have a hair salon which no one seems to be using so use it I will! When it comes to putting myself forward sometimes I think that I should keep quiet but then who wants to be the person that always moans and says ‘oh why don’t they have this set up for them’ rather than do something about it. So I am doing the latter. I have been in this position before when I set up Action for Autism back in 2002 when I was told there were so many people like me out there… with no support whatsoever. What did I do? Put myself in the local paper and set up a support group and charity.

Best be a ‘doer’ in life I guess?

Will try to be back soon…


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