Divorce and Bigamy. 2 things dad has done and done well in his life and managed to get away with. Only God knows how he did it but did it he did! If you read my blogs you will know that dad is a lover of the ladies and his current one aged 90 is... Continue Reading →

Sorry. I truly am.

Guilt is a pain the bottom hole! I have not written for a while as the book has taken shape. Literally! On a personal note I have been struggling with life in general so the blogging has taken a literal mahoosive back seat in the proverbial arse hole! So the book...The book was printed as... Continue Reading →


I was not going to write this week as the book has taken up more time than I realised but after today I thought I must. Today I heard the news that The Prodigys' lead man Keith Flint died today. The Prodigy literally shaped my taste in music. I spent my 18th birthday dancing to... Continue Reading →

Mumma Bear..you know her!

Sorry for the radio silence.. it's been a faught couple of weeks. I have added another day at work too and it has made my dad PA skills remiss....so here goes.   I thought moving dad would be ok. I was wrong. Very wrong. Even his last flat would not accept his notice letter because... Continue Reading →


Today is dads' moving day. Why you ask? Because he needs more care. It really is that simple. From today onwards my role will take a back seat and it's bitter sweet to say the least. Someone once told me that there is a list of 5 of the most stressful things in life which... Continue Reading →

What could be achieved

I get bloated. TMI you say? Maybe you eat too many carbs? Well readers you can piss off.....but today whilst I was bored and had 5 minutes to spare, I decided to investigate juicing. SHUT THE FRONT F**KING DOOR.. Now here is where it went wrong from the start. I opened a web chat with... Continue Reading →

Patience and a big bowl of it

Before my paternal grandmother (the Portuguese one) passed away I took dad to visit her several times. She was his constant in life. All the women in his life passed through like water; paid or otherwise! She was patient and for most of the time he listened to her. She loved him as a mother... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while…

Sorry!! Truly I am. I am truly sorry to myself (fuck you catholic guilt!) for making a commitment to write a blog on a weekly basis and almost making it... So what can I tell you happy readers? Firstly sorry and all that jazz about the lack of writing of late however one has been... Continue Reading →

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