Today is dads' moving day. Why you ask? Because he needs more care. It really is that simple. From today onwards my role will take a back seat and it's bitter sweet to say the least. Someone once told me that there is a list of 5 of the most stressful things in life which... Continue Reading →

What could be achieved

I get bloated. TMI you say? Maybe you eat too many carbs? Well readers you can piss off.....but today whilst I was bored and had 5 minutes to spare, I decided to investigate juicing. SHUT THE FRONT F**KING DOOR.. Now here is where it went wrong from the start. I opened a web chat with... Continue Reading →

Patience and a big bowl of it

Before my paternal grandmother (the Portuguese one) passed away I took dad to visit her several times. She was his constant in life. All the women in his life passed through like water; paid or otherwise! She was patient and for most of the time he listened to her. She loved him as a mother... Continue Reading →

It’s been a while…

Sorry!! Truly I am. I am truly sorry to myself (fuck you catholic guilt!) for making a commitment to write a blog on a weekly basis and almost making it... So what can I tell you happy readers? Firstly sorry and all that jazz about the lack of writing of late however one has been... Continue Reading →


I have just read this article on the BBC. You can click on it to read it if you wish. Why maternity leave can be harder and lonelier than you imagine. I am going to rewind a few years as it made me think a little about the past. I discovered I was pregnant very... Continue Reading →

Woohoo it’s Wednesday?

Dad has just asked me how you get dressed. Let's rewind a little. He showered today (thank Christ) but once again he was in there for ever so I had to call out only to once again receive no reply which meant that I had to enter the steam filled pit to encounter a naked... Continue Reading →

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